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There are a wide variety of options for deck designs including 

  • attached
  • freestanding
  • multi-level
  • corner styles
  • octagon, and more.

Patio cover and deck designs vary widely dependent on the desires of the home owner and how much openness they want.  Patios can be completely enclosed with options to open with screens or slide outs. They can also be partially open with pergola-style.  Those that are covered can use a style like their home (with shingles) or other products.

Many home owners like to consider building in planters, decorative items, fire pits and outdoor cooking areas into their design.  Let us know what you have in mind during the designing phase.

The type of Materials you want to use need to take into consideration the existing house structures' colors and materials.  These vary from the natural like stone and wood to manufactured, such as concrete, brick, iron and composite (recycled plastic).

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Outdoor Living

Patios & decks

Enlarge your home living area and improve the value and curb appeal of your home with an attractive outdoor home deck and patio cover. Increase the beauty of your home while enjoying the outdoors with style.  These outdoor living spaces can add a whole new look to your house, while giving you an attractive place to enjoy some time with friends and family.  

Deck and patio additions are among one of the least intrusive for the owner and most pleasing home improvement projects you can undertake.  We can help you with your design.  Call us for a free estimate, 210-403-3232 or