Cost Estimations 

The Home size and type and paint quality  affect home painting costs.  Depending on the amount of paintable surface (size of eaves, siding, etc.) a 3,000 square foot home may require 12 to 15 gallons of paint.  Exterior paint can be found for $15 a gallon at the very low end, and up to $50+ a gallon for premium paint.  Cheaper paint may not save you much in the long-run. The paint will start to fade and peel after only a short time, requiring another painting job years too soon. A quality exterior painting job should last between 10-12 years.

Primer adds to costs, but the benefits in durability and finish are significant.  An average single story three-bedroom house will cost less to re-paint  than a two-story or multi-level home.

 Changing from a light to a dark color or vice versa means more coats of paint and can add at least 25 percent to an estimate, because it takes more coats of paint to completely cover.

Repairs and Replacement of 

Wood / Siding

Prior to applying any caulk and paint, all wood and siding replacements must be made.  Some of the more common wood repair issues we see are due to water damage and wood rot of fascia, siding, and trim boards. One out of every four homes has damage usually to one or more doors. ​CLICK HERE for Siding Info.

We also do repairs because of damage incurred by our native wildlife. Squirrels and woodpeckers are at the top of the list for requested repairs to siding and eaves.  Each paint team is accompanied by a skilled and experienced carpenter who can address minor to major repairs on both interior and exterior of the home.  We are also capable in changing out doors in homes.

Home repairs / improvements can extend beyond the walls of your home. Renovate Paint and Design also services your decking, patio, and fencing needs.

For more information about our painting suggestions and ideas click HERE to go to our Painting Services page.

deck & patio restorations

Wood surfaces can be stained with either semi-transparent or solid stain.  Semi-transparent stains show more color variations due to wood grain and changes in wood density to show through.  Solid stains have more of a painted look (uniform color, underlying color differences hidden), although the product is still a stain that soaks into the wood.  There are many varieties of stain types and colors that we at Renovate Paint and Design can help you select.  

Just as in any exterior work, the most important step in the process is the Degree of Surface Preparation and Wood Replacement, where necessary.  Fences need little preparation other than pressure-washing.  Decks require pressure washing to sufficiently clean the wood and make it ready to accept new stain; wood cleaners and/or conditioners are typically not needed. Full sanding is necessary at times, depending on the condition and the desire to remove the old stain color. 


Some fences, decks & patios have metal surfaces that also require proper preparation and the right selection for paint. RPD will help ensure great selections in this process.  For more information about all we can do for your DECKS AND PATIOS: CLICK HERE


There are a lot of variables when exterior painting in San Antonio in preparing the paintable surface. Without following these guidelines the top coat of paint will fail quicker. At RPD we follow these most important steps prior to painting:
  • The surface must be clean  to allow the paint to adhere properly.
  • The use of bleach and/or “Jo-Max” ensures that mildew and dirt build-up will be removed prior to painting.
  • All loose and peeling paint will be scraped and sanded.
  • All damaged wood is replaced during the preparation cycle.
  • Any bare wood surfaces will receive a prime coat.
  • Caulking is very important in our San Antonio Heat.  It is import to use a 60-year rated caulk on all open seams, corners, window edges, trim, and cracks.

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