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A general estimate would be very misleading for “inside projects”. Once you have received your in-home, personal consultation, you’ll get a much more specific time frame. We do on-site estimates to ensure accuracy, and we hope you will be wary of phone estimates. Honestly, how could they know sight unseen?

How much paint will you need? Whether we are painting one room or several, it depends on our measurements of the size of the rooms, and our assessment of how many coats must be applied.

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At RPD we believe in using only the top grades of paint and materials for any project.  We never water down the paint we use, and always use the top-of-the line paints from Sherwin Williams, Behr Paint, and Pittsburgh Paints.  For more information about our painting suggestions and ideas click HERE to go to our Painting Services page.

Preparing the room goes beyond preparation of the surface of the walls and ceilings. Below are other home interior painting in San Antonio issues to consider when planning for your interior painting project::

Drywall sheet rock repair
Sheetrock repair is almost unavoidable in homes in and around the San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Fair Oaks regional areas. Cracks along vaulted ceilings, doors, and windows occur as your home settles or happens between our wet and dry weather patterns. Additionally, damage can occur from simply living in the home (furniture movement, scuffing the walls, bumps, etc.). The good news is that at Renovate Paint and Design our expertise goes beyond a mere patch. We repair the damage so that there is no indication it was ever there. This kind of seamless repair requires professionals with years of experience.  What to look for: large gouges in sheet rock, cracks, or dents, loose tape joint or nail pops, and water damage caused by roof leaks or overflow from A/C.

Carpentry Additions
Many homeowners want to improve their home by including a decorative touch which will also increase the home’s marketability. They are interested in installing crown molding, upgrading their baseboards, or adding other customized wood trim.