REMODELING SERVICES & PAINTING services in san antonio


Renovate Paint and Design is prepared to paint any surface throughout the home, including bathrooms.  Areas to be considered in the kitchen may include:

  • Walls / Ceilings
  • Tim / Doors
  • Cabinets (painting or staining)
  • Closets / Pantries

Check out our Interior Painting page for more information.



Your choices for flooring are: Tile (the most popular choice), Hardwood, Laminate, Bamboo, Cork, Vinyl, and Linoleum.  The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home, so durable, comfortable and water-resistant floors are a must. Start your search for the perfect kitchen flooring by considering these five key factors: Lifestyle; Your Sense of Style; Comfort; Ease of Cleaning; and Cost. Talk to your RPD design specialist during the estimate process for help in making the right selection for you. 


We are capable to install any lighting in the kitchen: ceiling drop-downs, ceiling canister lighting, under and around cabinets, or any other fixtures that suit your style.  There is a wide variety to choose from.  


Modern technology today provides an enormous range of kitchen appliances, from the basic stoves & dishwashers to coffee machines and food disposal units. The type of appliance you choose will depend on practicality, looks and of course price. We can help in every step you take to make your dream a reality. 


Choosing the right kitchen layout for your space is one of the most important decisions to make. Of course, much of your decision will already be dictated by the space available to you. Ask us about the various kitchen layouts to choose from which include:

  • One Wall
  • Two Walls
  • L-Shape
  • U-Shape
  • Island
  • Open Plan


No longer are kitchen sinks just a basic necessity of the kitchen, much like bathroom vanities, in recent years they are also becoming a focal point, that compliments the rest of the room’s design. The kitchen sink is a vital part of any modernization. It can form the focal point of the kitchen and has the ability to add a touch of class to your kitchen.



Stone counter tops are beautiful and can last as long as your house—maybe even longer. It needs only a little routine care and forethought to ward off water marks, stains, and etching typically caused by acidic foods. But even if the worst happens—a chipped edge, a red wine spill—most stones can be restored by a professional. The Pros:  distinctive,  durable, virtually seamless, low maintenance, repairable, and impervious to water.  The Cons: high cost, brittle, some are stain-prone (Travertine, limestone, and marble blemish easily if not periodically sealed), may be vulnerable to acids.


Ceramic tile is made from clay, which is fired at a high temperature and then glazed.  The pros are that it can be customized to suit specific shapes and sizes, is heat and stain resistant, and damaged tiles are replaceable.  The cons are that an uneven surface is possible, grout collects food particles and can be difficult to clean, it is prone to staining, tiles can chip and crack and aggressive scrubbing can ruin a high-gloss finish.



These man-made materials can mimic the look of stone—even rare, prohibitively pricey ones like lapis or onyx. These are “Solid Surfacing”:  These have moldable resins and special glues which allow for a truly seamless counter, complete with an integrated sink. They are nonporous; food can't etch it, stains are easy to remove, sealers aren't required. Hot pans can scorch or crack it; knives can nick it.  Concrete counter tops are poured to the color and shape of your choice: Site-poured counters can be seamless; Sensitive to acids and requires frequent sealing.  Engineered Stone is a factory-made mix of 93 percent quartz granules held together with a resin binder, engineered slabs are impervious to acids and stains, however, very hot pots may cause superficial damage.


One of the best ways to get a great deal of impact for a relatively low investment is to do a kitchen cabinet upgrade to enhance and update the look of your kitchen. Over the years, many homeowners have discovered that they have been able to realize significant increases in the value in their home when they focus on making their kitchen look as appealing as possible, while also making it a place that makes cooking and meal preparations easy, pain-less and trouble free.

If you're not considering replacing your cabinets, perhaps you'd like to have them refinished.  Painting or staining  your cabinets are also options which have a vast amount of experience and knowledge.  Check out our Interior Painting page for some tips and photos of some completed projects.

kitchen remodeling

What type of kitchen will fit your lifestyle? Your ideas and budget are the inspiration for every kitchen we do. Our skilled kitchen remodeling experts will help build the kitchen that is right for you. Whatever your lifestyle, needs, or aesthetic tastes, RPD will come up with a functional, efficient and appealing design to please you.