While the holidays in the majority of Texas, especially San Antonio, may lack the intensity of  the cold, fall colors, snowy white of our neighboring states, we do not lack in celebrations!  There is much to see and do right here and throughout our huge state.

Check out these weblinks for many suggestions - but whatever you do, remember our own Riverwalk for a spectacular experience!

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Kitchen and bathroom remodels are always enjoyable and selecting the tile and countertops can be the most fun:

  • Showers come alive with the right decorative tile installed.  Mosaic tile on the floor, complimentary tile on the walls, decorative banding, a niche or two for soap/shampoo, and seamless glass enhance and add elegance to your bathrooms.
  • Countertops and tile backsplashes in the kitchen can add not only value but incredible beauty.  Selecting stone or quartz countertops is not only fun but rewarding once you see the finished product.  Subway tile seems to be the most desired this year for backsplashes.  

A couple years ago I built a rustic, wooden, covered patio.  It was a collaborative effort with the homeowner that ended up impressing us both.

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“The RP&D estimate was competive using the highest quality elastomeric and acrylic Sherwin Williams paint. Charles Loveless, the owner of the company, thoroughly explained the types of paints that would be used and the exterior painting process. The two man crew worked with speed and precision. This job involving three colors, two types of paint and two coats of paint was completed in just four days. The house just looks fabulous. In addition, the front door was completely refinished and the result is a thing of beauty. I plan to use RP&D on future projects and highly recommend Charles and his team.”


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Regardless of the project, the best part is working together with the homeowner to design something that they can enjoy for many years and bringing my team together to realize the concept into a beautiful reality.  I look forward towards many more years filled with opportunities to challenge my creativity and skills.


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By Charles Loveless, VP of Operations and Sales

​Remodeling a home can be very satisfying, especially when there is a dramatic change.  This doesn’t mean going all crazy in colors and styles. It’s about updating / modernizing older areas of the house that are becoming worn out and/or just outdated. 

In my 20 years of working in this business I’ve updated just about every aspect of a house: chimney and hearths, columns, patios/decks (upper and lower), patio enclosures, closets, stairs (interior and exterior), etc., etc.  So out of all these projects, there are a few that fascinate me and bring out my creative talents. 

Fall-Holiday 2019


We personally set up times to go with you to the stone yard and tile store for selections.  Coordinating the colors and selections are easier when you have our help in design and ideas.  However, I have found that customers many times have their own design ideas garnered from either HGTV or homes they have seen.  One thing I can guarantee, it is exciting to pull it all together.

One of the design challenges I enjoy is improving on the exterior with an enclosed patio, patio/deck add-on, or restyling the deck/patio.   

If you’re tired of Texas mosquitos, consider a screen-in porch.  This adds beauty and enjoyment of the outdoors in all types of weather.  Don’t forget the ceiling fan to help keep you cool.

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To Trust, or Not Trust, that is the question…

Sadly, I daily listen to new customers share bad experiences they’ve had with contractors.  Their frequent complaints are mostly due to substandard workmanship and unprofessionalism, such as: delayed start, not returning phone calls, not showing up daily or very infrequently, taking months to finish, and not returning to fix/correct their work.  The worst is when a contractor hits them in the pocketbook by taking their money (and not completing the work), or when they keep asking for more money (beyond what the customer agreed to).

So, how does one weed through the multitude of contractors out there and find the best one for the job?  Usually, these disappointments could have been safeguarded had they considered these important preliminary points:

  1. Research the company: All reputable contractors have positive online reviews from a variety of sources:  Angie’s List, Google Maps, Yelp, Houzz, etc.  A good company will strive to keep their record clear and have very satisfied customers.  In addition, many neighborhoods use NextDoor and/or Facebook Groups to obtain recommendations from their neighbors. 
  2. Everything needs to be in writing (contract), and in detail, or it does not exist.  Read the contract carefully, have it adjusted if items are missing or changes needed.  Work out the details before signing.  This may take longer but is well worth the effort. 
  3. NEVER hire work based on price alone:  Remodeling and painting are never cheap.  Cheap means something is missing, you probably will not be a priority, the work could be sub-standard, and/or the company is in desperate conditions and, thus, more than likely will not be around to back up their work.  Ultimately, you will probably end up disappointed.  For example, typically a full bathroom remodeling could cost as little as $12,000 and as much as $32,000, depending on the size of the room.  However, there are companies that offer unbelievable prices for remodeling, $6,000 to $8,000 for a bathroom.  The price looks great, but it is a good bet that you will be joining the club of contractor haters. Remember: When comparing companies, ensure your comparing “apples-to-apples”.  In other words, the work and products should be the same. 
  4. Ensure the legitimacy of the company:  All companies should have a federal tax i.d., registered to work within Texas, be building contractor registered locally (when doing remodeling work), and have general liability insurance.

By: Charles L. Loveless, VP of Operations and Sales