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with utmost care.  House painting services in San Antonio include: Interior work rolling and brushing is the preferred method to protect the interior environment.  Exterior work is accomplished by a combination of roll and brush and, on larger surfaces, overlap spray.  These skilled painters are able to keep brick, roofing materials, concrete surfaces and landscaping clean of all paint.   

Upon request, we also offer 100% ​roll and brush.

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Oftentimes customers are concerned about the smells and chemicals

coming from paints.  Paints do, over time, release what is known as

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into  the home environment.  There

are many warnings on the labels of paint cans that speak about the

harmful effects of VOCs.  In particular, if you have respiratory problems, allergies, young children, pregnant, or if you are concerned in general about environmentally-friendly paints, then those with low or no VOCs are right for your home.

The chemical makeup of the paint is a large consideration, but other items, such as durability and efficiency, should be checked as well. Paints that are environmentally friendly will contain low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and be water-based rather than petroleum-based. The reason to use paint with a minimum amount of VOCs is that they can irritate the throat, nose and eyes; cause dizziness and headaches; or impair memory or vision, according to The Healthy House Institute, LLC,. Some VOCs are known carcinogens, while others are only suspected to cause cancer. 

Consumers should be aware that when some manufacturers add pigment to paint lines, they may also add VOCs. This is especially true with darker hues. Choose a base from a line with as few VOCs as possible, then select colors according to preference.  Remember, the darker the paint the higher the VOCs.

Paints that contain latex are superior to paints with oil bases, because latex paints have fewer VOCs than oil-based ones do and have more breath-ability and elasticity. Elasticity refers to the ability of the material to move with changes in temperature and in humidity, preventing damage to the paint.


At Renovate Paint and Design we have found one way to paint in an environmentally sound fashion is to minimize waste by buying only what we will need to complete the project. Plus, we match the surface to the type of paint recommended for it.  Selecting light colors can reduce your energy consumption as you decrease energy usage by cutting the need for artificial light. 

Like many things green, safer paints may cost more than more toxic brands. However, they are worth the increased cost as high-quality paints and premium paint supplies can make the painting process go smoother and the resulting surfaces more durable—so you have to repaint less often.  Many times primer paints are needed before applying the top-coat.  If the surface has never been painted before, a primer is mandatory. This will help the paint stick. Although oil-based primers were often used in the past, there are now water-based, high-quality acrylic primers available.

Following these suggestions to green your painting project will help maintain a safe indoor environment for your family, friends or customers.


                                      Choosing colors when repainting the interior                                                     or  exterior of your home can be complicated,                                                 but rewarding when the right choices and                                                      combinations are used. RPD has worked as                                                  a color consultant on many projects and has found that when considering colors, homeowners typically will either want to stay in a safe range of color selection or be more adventurous with multiple and/or dramatic colors.

The exterior selection of colors is less complicated than interior selection.  Basically, we, at RPD, visualize the overall design of your home, the siding and roof colors, and the colors of homes around the property.  One of the most important tools we use is listening to the customer and asking questions.  When a general direction on color selection is determined we then choose two to three color combinations that work well with the home, thus taking much of the complication out of the decision process.

Whether painting for the first time or updating the interior of your home, the selection of colors will transform it into an environment that reflects the personality or interests of the homeowner, such as: warmth, tranquility, vibrancy, elegance, modernism, drama, or passion.  Most homeowners are fleeing from the monotone off white or beige walls that were standard when the home was built.  They are becoming more educated in their choices by reading home magazines, visiting color visualizers on the internet, going to the Parade of Homes, or by stopping to look at model homes in new subdivisions.  RPD compliments this knowledge by bringing years of experience with colors and textures into the homeowners’ environment.  They have established that the best way of helping customers in choosing the right colors is to envision the desired outcome.  When considering color changes, focus on the furnishings, floor coverings, architecture design of the home, and the desired affect.

House Painting Services in San Antonio areas

Even before paint is applied protection of your property comes first.  Use of plastic and painter drop-cloths is paramount in protecting surfaces not to be painted.  Next comes preparation, which includes: surface preparation (sanding, priming, caulking) as necessary, Finally, applying the product is taken 



How long will the paint last and will it protect the surface properly?  The answer to these questions are always to use the higher-end paint products to get maximum thickness and protection.  That is why we recommend considering the following paint resources:





Design, technique, the best materials, and personalized attention to detail is what you have when using RPD on your interior painting projects.



Discover the difference RPD makes on the exterior of homes when using the proper materials, techniques and oversight.  You're well protected!