Check out our SPRING DISCOUNT,  below!  ​​​Look around San Antonio, everything is greening up and in full bloom.  It’s a great time of year before the scorching heat of summer hits us.

Not only are the birds preparing their nests for new arrivals but many homeowners are working on home improvement projects.  All this busyness  is increasing our business which has prompted our hiring a new company representative to ensure our customer projects are well tended.  Allow me to introduce our newest team member: Tony Lomas, Service Manager.  Take a look inside to read more about him and his honorable background.

My photo focus is on bluebonnets.  While out walking around Lake Buchanan I took this picture along the path.  It showcases the true nature of Texas: beautiful, yet rustic.  We have so much diversity here from tall pine trees, ocean waves, swamps, mountains and desert-like landscapes.  There’s not much you can’t experience here.  I hope you all take some time to get out and enjoy the natural side of Texas before it gets too blazing hot to want to go outside!

Thank you for to all our customers who continue to compliment us by referring to your family , friends and neighbors.  As well, we appreciate every kind word given on Nextdoor, Facebook, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, our website, and Yelp.              - Carol Loveless, President, RPD


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Thanks to Patricia C. who gave us one of the most glowing (and extensive) reviews we’ve ever received.  All we can say is: Wow, you are awesome!

[Due to space, only a portion is shared here.  To read the full review, check out our testimonials and ratings page on our website. ]

“Renovate Paint & Design was a WONDERFUL LIFESAVER !!! We initially were under contract with another contractor who was found to be cutting numerous corners and at times shoddy work during the construction of a new game room/studio. That other contractor was fired, so then we had to find someone else to complete the interior of the building and fix some of the exterior problems caused by the initial builder/contractor.

Thankfully we found Renovate Paint & Design. I spoke to Charles on the phone who then arrived to the house very soon after I called his company....All I can say afterwards is: Thank you for my Happy Tears : ). The building has taken on so much life now and I can finally start work in my studio instead of the breakfast nook. You all were stunning & such a joy to be around!! We're going to have to find some other projects for you because we miss your smiling faces already.

Thank you Charles, Barbara, Chickie, Angel, Alex and Carol too : )”

Referenced: Uzy Igweatu, Brand Belle Media

After many months spent indoors, surrounded by all of our stuff, spring offers us a chance to let go the old and start fresh. Research has shown the positive effects of decluttering both physically and mentally. One study showed that clearing clutter makes us more creative and productive and less irritable and distracted. Let’s not forget about our mental clutter as well, like those destructive and distressing thoughts, feelings, and memories that we tend to burden us. 

Here’s what you can do to make the most of your spring cleaning this year:

1.  Create Space for New Energy: Our homes are often extensions of ourselves, and the primary places for stale, old energy to become trapped. Make room for something new:

  • Your Closet: Donate those pieces of clothing that don’t reflect  who you are.
  •  Your Kitchen:  Rid your fridge and your cabinets of stuff that doesn’t make you feel like your best self. Create room to stock up on what fills and fuels you.
  •  Your Desk: Remove those mounting piles of paper. Instead, go digital. File your documents in an online storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Use your newly-cleared desk to showcase things that calm, inspire and keep you motivated.

2. Clear Your Head: Leave old baggage behind in favor of increased clarity and a more positive outlook:

  • Start a Journal: Write down your thoughts so you don’t have to carry them around in your head.
  • Meditate: Release mental clutter through mediation and prayer. Incorporate soothing sounds and movement also helps.
  • Quite the Noise: Reduce cell phone noise by uninstalling apps you never really cared for, and at the very least, turn off notifications.

3. Reset Your Routines:  Give yourself a fresh start in your time and commitments.

  • Maximize your time: Rework your morning ritual to boost your energy and conquer your most important goals each day. Create a nighttime routine that includes ample time to unwind, rest, and set yourself up for a success the following morning.
  • Put you first: Let go of outdated obligations, goals and habits.  Replace them with new intentions that match you.

4.  Reconnect to What You Love: Create space for the people and things that energize and keep you moving forward.

  • Your people: Prioritize the positive figures in your life, by making time to nurture and grow those relationships. That said, take back your time and energy from those relationships that are no longer serving you.
  • Your passions: Schedule some time to get lost in an activity that you love and enjoy. Set boundaries for work, and grant yourself time to play as well.

Apriil-June 2017

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REMODELING SERVICES & PAINTING services in san antonio

- Charles Loveless, Manager

For 17 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing customers while enjoying the satisfaction of improving their properties.  Every so often I have unique opportunities to work on stand-out projects.  This deck was one of those honors.

The homeowner wanted a rustic looking front porch. We replaced ceiling, floor, railing, and post. We then applied Cabot's stain sealer. The lower railing is made out of mountain laurel limbs and most of the other wood is Cedar.